Tuesday, June 30, 2009

SummerHill Pyramid Winery Fundraiser

Good morning, here is a sobering thought for all of us. Anyone who has a child knows that you would do anything to make them better when they are sick. A friend of mine Mr. Jack has a very sick 5 year old daughter Tianna who is in desperate need of a lung treatment currently only available in Czechoslovakia. With the help of Summerhill Pyramid winery and a host of others Friday July 10th 2009 will be a night of entertainment and silent auction to help raise money for this treatment. Below is a poster of the event, tickets are available from the following Businesses;

PostNet 138-1876 Cooper Road 250-860-9100

Cup'Casions 170-2000 Spall Rd 250-860-3690

Sandman Hotel 2130 Harvey Ave. 250-860-6409

Bank of Montreal 394 Bernard 250-861-1609

Summerhill Winery 4870 Chutte Lake Road 250-764-8000

call Brianne@summerhillbc.ca 250-864-1436

Kelowna Martial Arts 2280A Leckie Rd 250-869-0111

The lesson for all of us is, when we think life is hard for us put that concern into perspective and think of what could be worse. If we are honest we will find that very few things are really that bad when compared to the thought of losing a loved one. Especially a loved one so young.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Free Ladies Self Defence Class

Imagine your walking down the street and you get the feeling you are being followed. You look back and someone is crossing the street with his or her eyes locked on you. As they get closer they being to ask you a question, “Excuse me, do you have the time?” As you look down at your watch they have closed the distance and are right beside you. Someone with bad intentions has just interviewed you, and what happens next is up to you.

Kelowna Martial Arts will be hosting a
FREE Ladies Self Defence Class
on Saturday July 4th at 10:30 am
at Quest Academy Located at 2280A Leckie Road
Please call 250-869-0111 to register

Kids Bullying Seminar

Bullying Myths and Facts:
Myth: “Bullying is just, stage, a normal part of life. I went through it my kids will too. ”
Fact: Bullying is not “normal” or socially acceptable behaviour. We give bullies power by our acceptance of this behaviour.
Myth: “If I tell someone, it will just make it worse.”
Fact: Research shows that bullying will stop when adults in authority and peers get involved .
Myth: “Just stand up for yourself and hit them back”
Fact: While there are some times when people can be forced to defend themselves, hitting back usually makes the bullying worse and increases the risk for serious physical harm.
Kelowna Martial Arts will be hosting a
FREE Bullying Seminar
on Saturday June 13th from 10:30 am - 11:15 am
held at Quest Martial Arts Academy located at 2280A Leckie Road.
Call 250-869-0111 to regsiter
This seminar is Open All Kids from 8-12 years of age and will cover:
What is Bullying?
What to say when you or someone you know is being bullied.
What to do when you feel physically threated by another student.
Have a great day.
Chris Rowe