Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pink T-Shirt Day

    A few years ago some high schools students decided to take a stand. They were no longer going to stand by while one of their school mate was tormented for wearing a Pink T-Shirt to school. So they decided to get together with their friends and wear Pink T-Shirts in a movement of solidarity. The courage for those young men to stand up has inspired this movement that we now affectionately call Pink T-Shirt day, which occurs Wednesday February 29th.

     At our academy we talk about bully prevention on a weekly basis, we talk to kids and adults alike about what to do what to say and who to talk to if you are being miss-treated. Yes, we speak to the adults as well because we all know the person in the office who seems to bull their way into getting what the want. In the adult world it might be called office politics. We do not want to make waves so we let that person do or say things that we don't like. We are trying to keep the peace but it does not make it right so more often than not we let our feelings go untold so that we keep the peace.

     This is where the training we do in martial arts goes beyond punching and kicking. We learn to physically defend ourselves, so we are better equipped to mental defend ourselves. We stand up for those around us who are not able to stand up for themselves. We have courage to stand out in the crowd to help others, not to stand in the crowd afraid to help. It does not mean we do not have fear but we CHOOSE to focus on our courage rather than our fear. We choose to be the example of the community we wish to live in, rather than just complaining about where we live.

     One thing that we have changed at the academy with regards to Pink T-shirt day is our focus. We are trying not to focus on what we don't want but rather what we do want. (What we think about we bring about) We are focused on the fact that people who wear Pink on February 29th are not just standing up against bullies and injustice they are standing up to be recognized as a leader in their community. Whether the train in martial arts or not they are using the lessons of Courtesy - respect myself and others, Integrity - Honesty with myself and others, Perseverance - Patience Never Never Never give up, Self Control - Controlling your Thoughts emotions actions and results, and Self Discipline - Doing what we have to because it is for the greater good.

    You are invited to join us for Pink T-Shirt day on Wednesday February 29th kids and adults wearing Pink can train for free or come in wearing pink and receive a Gift Certificate for a free class, as well enter to win a MONTH of classes for free.  Kids train 4:00 pm, Adults 5:00 pm.


Chris Rowe
Chief Instructor
Quest Martial Arts Academy


You have most likely heard in class and I’m assuming from someone or somewhere that in order to succeed in life you must be “willing to do what’s necessary…with the attitude of gratitude”.

But just what does this entail? Willingness = cheerful compliance.

It means simply to act gladly and eagerly by free will to do what’s necessary. Your inner true master, your spirit within is always indeed willing, but the body is weak and we must be aware and awake to guide our bodies and mind.

When you guide your mind and body with your true master within things quickly get done, it’s a given, accepted, and you do it ungrudgingly.

The saying “Do it now, do it right and do it all” applies.

When we take this knowledge of willingness into our minds and understand that we receive a higher vibrational state (sometimes called peak state) into our hearts, we react through our bodies to create the result of openness – which is the readiness to receive, especially impressions or ideas that will come our way to help us to achieve our desires and goals. “Knowledge in my mind, honesty in my heart, strength in my body” is a message that every student should strive to know.

Next comes optimism – this is the intent and expectation to receive the best result. When you are open and willing to receive you give out optimism and attract optimistic people and circumstance into your life. By remembering that anything is possible and that circumstance does not create you, it is you who creates your circumstance you feel happy and positive. Keep these thoughts in mind.

o "The only thing I can control is my attitude towards life."
o "I always have a choice."
o "I choose to be positive in life."

When we choose to dwell on willingness it creates our natural energy to be open and optimistic in life and the result is we get a hopeful, happy and positive life view. This attracts the correct positive people and circumstance into your life.
                                                                            Master Dan