Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Being a complete Martial Artists.

Martial artists have a disciplined life by choice. That means “they do what needs to be done whether they feel like doing it or not.” Although often times when we hear the term "Martial Artists" our mind pictures Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan or maybe Kane (a.k.a. David Carradine) from the old Kung-Fu T.V. Series. The reality is that no matter what your situation in life everyone has the choice to be disciplined, but not everyone is disciplined to make that choice. Good for you for making that choice already, that is why you are reading this blog. Please continue to be disciplined so that you can reach any worthwhile goal you want as long as you do not break mans laws, or Gods law (You can call it Universal Law do not focus on the name).

There are five areas that must have regular and conscious effort to achieve not only physical greatness but mental and spiritual as well. The five areas that create a healthy mind and body are:

- Starting with a Positive metal attitude (one of life’s greatest riches).

- Having a Proper diet, eating properly and the right things. Understand what food can do for us as well as to us.

- Learning correct relaxation and meditation techniques.

- Exercising properly, lubricates our joints, tendons and muscles as well as creating greater flexibility, strength and proper function of our internal organs.

- Correct breathing, allows you to do a number of things from clearing your system of excess mucus to learning how to connect to your higher self by connecting to your own unlimited energy source in your solar plexus, known as (ki) in martial arts.

These techniques can only be taught properly by a certified instructor who not only talks the talk, but walks the talk by example. That is what Leaders do, we lead by example and promote good community, be the leader in all arenas of your life home, school, work, relationships and general public. 

Be the vision you see for the world.


Master Dan Zaleski & Mr. Chris Rowe