Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thoughts are Things

Thoughts are Things

     When we learn and commit to our memory “positive thought quotes” they surface into our conscious mind when we need them. An example would be when I don’t really feel like doing something I’ll say to myself “Do it now, Do it right, Do it all!” This reminds me instantly about my long term goal(s). Another quote that comes to mind is when I start to play the blame game and not take responsibility for my own happiness…I’ll say “If it is to be, it is up to me” it reminds me there are no excuses or denial of who is really in charge of my own life.

Definiteness of Purpose
This is much more than a goal. It is the difference of “wishing for something” and “being ready” to receive it. It is a purpose backed by faith that you will receive your goal.

Create organized plans
Once you have chosen a definite purpose of what it is that you want and backed the idea (thought) with your belief in yourself you can do it (faith) you must organize. Start by thinking of the obstacles (I like to call them stepping stones) that you will have to get over. Identify the people, groups and organizations that you’ll need to work with. Then spell out a plan of action. Then next comes…

Let’s just say that your goal is – “to drink a nice cool glass of water” that is sitting on your table across the room. First you would have the thought – I want the water. Next you back that purpose by faith. – There it is I just need to go and get it. You look, and then notice you’ll probably have to go around a few obstacles to reach the water. Here’s the ACTION part. I can think about getting the water, I can write a goal down with a date on it to get the water, I can repeat all the positive things I want into my mind, but until I actually “take action” get off my rear end and reach out and pick up the water I will never get the benefit of drinking the thirst quenching nice cool water.
                                                                                                     Sr. Master Dan Zaleski VIII