Monday, August 22, 2011

Lets be Mind FULL

      In his book “Psycho-cybernetics” Maxwell Malttz M.D. describes in detail the importance of focussing your conscious thoughts on a healthy perception of your self image. Self image is such a precious treasure of the mind. He goes on to say that “your self image is the pacemaker to self-fulfillment”. This image of you is precious beyond measure.

      You must become a mind watcher. That means be aware of negative thoughts that enter your mind, change your thoughts to positive ones the second you become conscious and awake about negative thoughts.

      Do read, listen and watch positive things like DVD’s and motivators (teachers, preachers and Tae Kwon-do teachers) who help you remind yourself of your full-potential. Always look at the glass as half full…the only difference between being half empty is our own conscious perception.

Keep your mind FULL

F- Stands for: Fantastic self image…this means you are what you think you are, be your own best friend never say anything negative about yourself. Not just good…fantastic!

U- Stands for: Unlimited potential that is your birth right!!! When you focus and direct your thoughts with the higher faculties of your mind… (willpower and imagination.)

L – Stands for: Life goals in order health…family…business (work or school) in this order we keep our life in balance and order which frees our minds for creative thinking.

L – Stands for: Love which means living our values everyday. When we live our

values it helps guide our decisions and actions at any moment with out hesitation.


Master Dan Zaleski