Thursday, September 6, 2012

What Canvas

     Every September when the kids go back to school, as a parent there is a sense of a new beginning, an empty canvas, a clean slate, unlimited potential for the future for what they can do this coming year.  Despite what may have happened last year, the lessons learned the trouble that was encountered.  This year can be something amazing.
     It is the same for us as adults, whenever we choose to make it a new season we just have to first decide, and then take action.  We need to decide what we want to change and then also why we want to change it.  Without a strong “Why” the “What” will almost always stay the same.  There will not be enough excitement or enthusiasm to overcome the challenges that we will be faced with along this new path.
     A couple of key things to remember when undergoing any sort of change are that;
     You are meant to be great!  Whether we think you were created that way or evolved to be driven towards greatness is neither here nor there, the fact of the matter is You are great, and have unlimited potential to have, be or create so many amazing things.

   You have all of the tools right inside you! There is nothing outside of yourself that is required to be great, you have it all, you just need to unleash the desire.  It all begins with the one step followed by another.

     You have unlimited potential to learn! Often times people will say (myself included) “There is not enough time!” As the sleep in another 30 minutes, watch another episode of The Big Bang Theory, or yet another run of the Sports highlights to see if there was anything different that happened during the game you just finished watching.  Apply more energy on what you really want and it will come to you.
     These ideas are not new, and I am sure that you are saying to yourself, “I know that”…but let me say this…It is not what you know, but what you do with what you know.
     At Quest Martial Arts we talk about these ideas during every class.  It is what we affectionately call “The Mat Chat” and it is applied to our Little Ninjas (4-7 years of age) and Adults students alike. 

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   Chris Rowe