Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Higher Faculties of your mind!

Higher Faculties of the Mind 

The five senses sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste are our antennas or receptors for getting information that we perceive from our world. There are also other senses that masters’ use called higher faculties of the mind. The word “Education” comes from the Latin word “Educo” which means to educe, develop or to draw from within. An educated person is a person who has so developed the faculties of their mind that they can acquire anything they want or its equivalent without violating the rights of others they are as follow;

Perception- This gives us our point of view. It is conditioned by the way you have been taught in life and which you believe to be the truth. The incredible thing about perception is we can alter it by choice and our whole world can change for the better.

Reason- it is the power to use our conscious mind to choose what we believe. We become what we think about.

Will - willpower is the ability to hold on to one positive idea without becoming distracted by a negative thought or distraction. We use this to stay mentally focused on our goal regardless of our current circumstance or situation.

Memory- Have you ever heard or said “I have a bad memory?” I think most of us would admit having said or heard that at least once in our lives. The truth is that there are no bad memories just untrained ones. Work your memory like any other muscle. You use it or lose it.

Imagination- As little children we used this all the time until one day some well meaning adult or significant teacher in our lives told us to stop daydreaming. It seems that the older we get the more we filter incoming words and ignore the 90% or more of unspoken communication. When you put creative thought to work in your mind and become an imaginary you can create your dream life in your mind. Hold on to that thought with willpower and manifest what you want into your material life.

Intuition - Is the connection to your God, your higher self whatever you choose to call it.  It is your gut feeling, and lets you know when things are good or bad. It is your connection to other peoples vibrational state.  It is what tells you when someone walking to the room whether they are in a good or bad mood.

By using these higher faculties you can impact your results and achieve whatever you set your mind to.  What we think about we bring about, we are what we repeatedly do.  Use every once of your mental and physical ability to be the person you were designed to be.

Mr. Chris Rowe

Friday, May 30, 2014

Self Defense - 101

     Self defense is a hot topic, often people will ask for one go to move.  The reality is, there is not, it depends on the situation and surroundings.  Is it self-defense from an unknown attacker or a fight that breaks out with someone you know?  When I teach self defense class we talk about three boundaries;

1) Gut Feeling - this is your own instinct that tells you when things are bad, or have that potential. It is at this stage that you need to remove yourself from the area.  Don't let your ego trick your mind in thinking that nothing bad will happen, or at least not to you.  Even if you have trained in martial arts or done a few classes, there are so many variables that can cause a situation to go bad.

2) Verbal Boundary - It is at this stage if you are really aware, and you listen to someone you may be able to de-escalate the situation and control it. If during a heated argument the other person says "Shut up or I am going to punch you in the face!"  What stands out from that comment?  For most people it "I am going to punch you in the face!"  and rightly so.  But that is just part of it.  That person has just told you what they want...for you to stop talking.  You have said something, intentionally or not that they can not process in any other way than to threaten you.

During this De-escalation phase - there are opportunities for you to be able to walk away without having to fight or defend yourself physically.  
     A) Get your ego out of the way, and accept that you said something that offended them and apologize.  
    B) Avoid threatening them.  Saying something like "Try it and I will kick your teeth in!" Is not going to allow you to walk away.
    C) Don't deny that they will carry their threat through "No you won't, you're chicken!"  Another way to start a fight.
     D) Allow them to leave with dignity  You have said everything you need to, to calm them down and instead of walking away, you say something like "I thought so!"  Yes, you had better be ready to defend yourself.

3) Physical boundary - This is the go stage, where you have tried to calm the other person down verbally and it does not work.  You have to be prepared to physically defend yourself.  This is where you need to get off the couch and practice!  There is NO class that you can do once and feel really safe.  You need to practice the skills over and over so that they become your habit.  The skills should involve gross motor skills, because under stress your fine motor skills will be less effective.  So we focus on elbows, knees, palm heal strikes and hammer fists.

If you have thought about getting involved and learning to defend yourself and your family or want information on our next class give us a call 250-869-0111!


Chris Rowe

Whats the S.C.O.R.E.?

S.C.O.R.E System This is a system of being in the ZONE in all arenas of your life originally learned from Mr. Jim Fannin. Whether it is being a spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, employee or any other arena you have. It is important to have vision for each arena and to work towards that vision you need to know the S.C.O.R.E.

Self-Discipline - Self-discipline means to take a thought from start to finish. Discipline is not a punishment it is a choice we make. Discipline is the bridge from goals to living your dreams and vision. It takes discipline to be an advancing person. Advancing people do more than what is expected of them whether at school, at your job, or at home. It also means giving more in value back to the person than they give you in dollar value.
Concentration - is the ability to focus our mental and physical energy on the task or tasks necessary to reach our goals and vision of our dream life. You must know what you want (meaning your goal and vision) first, before you can optimize your mental energy and the faculties of your mind
                           - Perception 
                           - Reason 
                           - Will Power 
                           - Memory 
                           - Intuition 
                           - Imagination 

 Optimism - it is expressed belief, expectancy, and confidence in ones self to achieve your goal(s). For optimism to work you must first have faith…which is believing before seeing results. Optimism helps you to push your mental and physical terror barriers (things our mind says we can not do) to open new opportunities that would other wise not happen if we did not try something new or uncomfortable.

Relaxation - means “Purposeful Calm”, being mentally and physically comfortable in the moment. Poor performance in the field (sports, school, business) happens when we do not relax on purpose; negative thoughts enter our minds and tighten us up. Your best actions take place when you naturally relax. Take a deep breath on purpose and be mindful while you do it.

Enjoyment - is satisfaction, passion, pleasure, excitement, enthusiasm in/or reaching for our goals or visions having an authentic, passionate, happy personality in everything you do.

                                                                                                               Respectfully, Mr. Chris Rowe