Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To take the LEAD.

At all the Tae Kwon-Do International schools in Canada there are leaders willing to lead all future leaders. The goal of TKDI Canada is to have 1000 more black belt leaders in Canada by 2020 or sooner. The mission for all these leaders is to create a more peaceful world. They start being peaceful in their own homes and continue into their communities and towns, cities and finally provinces. When you become part of something larger than yourself that helps others you create a life of passion and purpose. There is always room for leaders as well as opportunities for those who are willing to be of useful service to others.

Using the acronym L.E.A.D., we will discuss the qualities leaders possess.

L – Long term vision… use your imagination to keep the end in mind.

L – Listen…truly hear the person before you speak.

L – Learn…something(s) everyday, leaders are readers.

E – Enthusiasm…brings up everyone around you including yourself.

E – Excellence…do your best with what you have, where you are.

E – Example…what you are speaks so load, I can’t hear what you say.

A – Attitude…is always one of gratitude, and determines your altitude in life.

A – Action...nothing happens until you take your first step in the direction of your dream

A – Awareness…of what you are consciously thinking. Positive thoughts on purpose.

D – Decide…Know what you want in life and go for it.

D – Desire…you must have a burning desire to achieve what you really, really want.

D – Discipline…you always do what you have to do towards what you want whether you feel like it or not.


Master Dan

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Universal Laws for Tae Kwon Do

   Discovering and using universal laws (also known as laws of nature or natural law) will bring harmony and peace of mind to you which all human kind seeks on earth.  Although there are numerous laws, I will be discussing the ones that will make you better in Tae Kwon-Do and your daily life to connect to your higher self.  You do not have to be a master, mystic or some spiritual teacher to have the benefit and to use this simple but profound knowledge once you know it and make it your own.

    These laws are not theoretical speculation but have been proven not only thru the years, they are scientifically proven. The law of gravity proven by Isaac Newton is just as relevant now as then. All laws were not able to be proven until recent modern technologies were able to measure things like vibration and light particles under super sub atomic microscopes and physics.

   These laws are unwavering and unchanging principles to guide you to grow and expand.

Law of Transmutation.

      There is a sea of energy all around you (Dr. Deepak Chopra calls it quantum soup) in martial arts we call it chi or Ki pronounced key. This energy is constantly coming from this energy field to manifest into the material world. As a martial artist who trains your higher faculties of your mind you can conceive an idea in your mind and bring it from nothing to in your hand. For example the dojang or building your training in was first in someone’s imagination, then blue prints and then made.

Law of Vibration.

Tells us that everything in the universe vibrates at a certain speed, even you. What is important for you do learn is that you can increase your vibration and thus your energy thru your proper positive metal attitude and thoughts.

Law of Attraction.

Teaches us the importance of being “aware” of what we dwell on in our minds. This law states that you will attract to you the people and circumstances into your life that harmonize with the vibration that you project from the thoughts you keep in your mind.

Law of Cause and Effect.

    You’ve most likely herd this as sowing and reaping, karma, what comes around goes around. Any action(s) produces or returns a result in proportion or greater to the cause that initiated it. An example would be a student that focuses more in class-being the “cause” and becoming better in TKD faster would be the “effect”.

    Do these things for yourself, not for others. When you feel you have to impress others your focus is not centered, your true e-motions are not at work, and your true Tae Kwon-Do abilities and higher self cannot be expressed.

                                                                        Master Dan Zaleski