Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bring Your Shovel

The young eager woman said excitedly to everyone she knows “I have found some gold in the old mine that I bought with my last bit of savings”. She went on to say to her “friends” I have no money left but I know that there is an unlimited amount down there and your welcome to all you want if you’ll just help yourself. All the friends got excited until she said “all you have to do is come on down early and bring a shovel or a pick”. When they heard this the first friend said “I can’t get up that early” and the second spoke out almost at the same time saying “do you know the price of shovel’s these days? The last friend said “you know I can’t right now, but maybe after I finish all this busy stuff that’s going on”. The young eager woman with a sense of urgency said “but the opportunity is now”…A short while after that… the three friends were complaining about having to pay so much for their specialty coffees as they thought… “We haven’t seen our eager friend in a while” with a laugh of sarcasm. Just then, they saw on the newspaper lying on the table beside them the eager friend had made not only a fortune in gold she also found all sorts of gems. She was also making a huge donation to her cities charity. The friends all looked at each other, blame, excuses and denial started to unleash to each other as they all believed that they should have been the “LUCKY” one.
This knowledge will let you have any thing you want as long as you don’t break universal laws or your fellow mans law.
Know what you want. (Exactly not some fuzzy dream)
Take action. (Start right this moment to start the natural momentum)
Daily habits towards your goal (s). (Do at least 1% towards your goal everyday)
Be willing to do what’s necessary, with the attitude of gratitude.
Enjoy the journey. (When you start moving towards your dream goal (s) everyday you feel happy and become a receiver of natural energy and enthusiasm.) To really have this profound knowledge work, you must take total responsibility for you’re life. Say these 10 short 2 letter words to yourself as often as possible. If it is to be it is up to me. Once you know your direction get started, remind your self to Do it now, do it right, and do it all. At this stage of your journey you must have self discipline (I do what I have to whether I feel like it or not) to keep your momentum going. It is easy to quit here because sometimes the fun and excitement of your goal has been clouded by the daily work you must do. Quitters never win and winners never quit! You will never find a high achieving person blaming, making excuses or denying their situation or what needs do get done. Every student should know- What’s our Quest…to be our best! Character is all we really have.

Master Dan Zaleski