Wednesday, October 27, 2010


     Now we understand with modern science (think microscopes, atoms and sub-partials) that we live in a world of moving energy. Everything has a field of energy, and if we focus our attention we can sense it and direct it.

Where our attention goes, our energy flows.

     When we do this attention focus we increase the pace of so called coincidences in our lives to attract and grow physically, mentally and spiritually.

     The great Albert Einstein changed our belief system when he discovered* in the early 20th century that matter isn’t really solid, but made up of compressed and shaped dynamic energy. (*time is not constant, but relative to the mass or speed of a particular object.) So what we learned is:

  • We live in a universe of dynamic (moving) energy.
  • We are made of this energy.
  • We can reach out and transcend our physical bodies and influence other energy systems.

     We can connect to this unlimited power by making a conscious choice to do so, and to understand that we do not need to make ourselves stronger by taking scarce human energy from one another rather we focus our attention within to connect to the divine energy. (Please do not take any label I personally use as what to call divine energy. It is also know as infinite intelligence, our higher self connection, our connection to God just use what you feel comfortable with.)
     When you force people to listen and behave the way you want them to against their will you drain them of their human energy. For example someone that complains to you all the time we call an energy vampire ;-). Insecurity ends when we connect to divine inner energy. (God, universal power, divine intelligence.)

     One way we can tap into this divine source of spiritual energy by conscience listening and speaking when we are with others. To do this your intention must be for the higher good of all involved while you first listen with your full attention, then respond accordingly. There are definite signs to tell if you are connected:
  1.  You actually feel light on your feet.
  2.  You feel a sense of joy and peace.
  3.  You know that the peace and joy that you feel is independent of any life situation.
  4.  There is a sensation of LOVE that is attributed to the inner connection with the divine energy and the connection is unmistakable.
  5.  The last sign is that we begin to gain strength from our inner energy instead of taking it from other people.
 This puts us on our true spiritual paths…

                                                        Master Dan Zaleski