Monday, July 26, 2010

Get the EDGE for Life

The great coach Vince Lombardi once said “Fatigue make’s cowards of us all”. I think that is a great place to start when considering getting the EDGE in life. When I think about the EDGE I immediately imagine having to increase my ENERGY to get what I need done. We can easily increase our energy through common sense of good food and good rest, meaning proper sleep. The one thing that some of us miss is using self control of our e-motions (energy motions) to increase our internal power, just one outburst of anger can chatter your nervous system for up to a week, which drains our energy.

One way our energy increases is when we rid our self of any thoughts of DOUBT. You are a king (or Queen) to the degree that you choose to discipline your e-motions. Meaning the one primary thought that you think is your choice to be a positive or negative one but the choice is always our own. When we doubt ourselves we impede the natural unlimited energy that flows through and around us. “I must believe to achieve”. The other great saying that comes to my mind is “Whether I believe I can or I can’t I’s right”. Our bodies and nervous systems respond to our dominate thought(s).

GENIUS is sometimes considered some un-achievable gift from above. What it really is, and how it can be part of your EDGE in life is to remember; “Constant effort and frequent lesson’s (sometimes called mistakes) are the stepping stones of a genius. Goal setting, along with continuous efforts towards your expected outcome will eventually have everyone call you a genius in your chosen goal.

This final piece of treasure for your mind to get the EDGE is EXAMPLE. Ask our self this questions -”If everyone was just like me what type of school would this be?” There is an old Spanish proverb that says “Live with the wolves and soon you will learn to howl.” I take this to mean that it is very important to regularly train and be with positive goal setting lovers of life to keep your EDGE.

                         Master Dan