Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Investment News

During these economic times that some people say are "Hard" or "Tough", there is one commodity that is a guaranteed investment. How many things can you name that when you invest your hard earned money into it you are 100% guaranteed to see a positive return? It is the most valuable item in the entire world. You do not have to be super wealthy to begin investing in it either. People who know about it are fanatic about pouring more money and time in to helping it grow and prosper.

By now you are asking what is it? Is it Gold, Oil, currency? It is something even more is you! That is right; whether you invest money or time into yourself you are going to see a positive return. However “We” are usually the last thing we invest in.

We make sure everyone else is looked after, your employer or employees, spouse or children. Everyone and everything comes before you. Why is that? Do you not believe that you are worth the investment? Do you not think that if you take time to sharpen the saw, it will not be a lot easier to take down the trees in front of you?

If I gave you a Ferrari, or Porche (You fill in the blank with what you deem the best) would you drive that machine 100 miles an hour without stopping to refuel or make sure everything is working right? If smoke was billowing out of the engine would you stop to see what was the matter?

As humans we may not have smoke that comes out, however our body does give us signs. Sore or stiffness often times in the back or neck, you feel run down and maybe have a loss of appetite. All signs that you need some down time, some time for yourself.

Remove the idea that “If I take time for myself, I am taking time away from …” and replace it with the idea that “I need this time for myself so that I will have the stamina and energy to spend time with …”. You have to realize that you are not being selfish, or single minded to take some time for you. Your family friends and co-workers will appreciate the increase in energy and focus you have because of the time you take for you.

So the next question you may ask is “What should I do?” Well let me answer that question with another question, “What do you like to do?” It is whatever feels good, reading, running going to the gym, or doing martial arts. It really does not matter. Just set aside time for you to do what you like. There are 168 hours in a week, all I ask is that you take 2 for yourself.


Chris Rowe

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