Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get to know your Neighbour

Hard to believe that summer is already sliding past us as Fall is starting to take grip of the tempature. I enjoy this time of year because it is a time of new beginnings and to reset my focus on achieving the goals I set in January. Like many people I have lost focus on some of those stars in the sky, but still others I work on daily. Eating right, drinking more water, setting aside time for me to work on me.

However one goal that I have never waivered from is getting to know my neighbours. Not just my new neighbours around my block but someone new from the larger neighbourhood of Kelowna. I have met a great lady her name is Hyeon ae, originally from Korea she is here learning english and thankfully she is able to help me continue my goal of learning Korean.

But what a great thing that two people from different parts of the world can meet and get along. Many of us dream of a day when we all get along there is no more war or fighting, however too often we think that it is someone elses responsibility. Like we are waiting for the special elite forces to come in and unite the world. When really it is our responsibility to accomplish that very thing one person at a time.

We are only 6 people from knowing anyone else in the world. 6 degrees of spereation is the term. If you need to know a plumber, electrician, doctor, lawyer or hairdresser just ask your friends chances are they know one who can help you.

So before all of the really nice weather is gone invite someone you just met or have yet to meet over for a BBQ. You are a member of that special elite force whose sole purpose is to unite the world. Or come down to Water Front Park this Sunday September 13th at 10:15 am for music entertainment and a chance to meet about 2000 people some you may know already.

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