Tuesday, February 22, 2011

To take the LEAD.

At all the Tae Kwon-Do International schools in Canada there are leaders willing to lead all future leaders. The goal of TKDI Canada is to have 1000 more black belt leaders in Canada by 2020 or sooner. The mission for all these leaders is to create a more peaceful world. They start being peaceful in their own homes and continue into their communities and towns, cities and finally provinces. When you become part of something larger than yourself that helps others you create a life of passion and purpose. There is always room for leaders as well as opportunities for those who are willing to be of useful service to others.

Using the acronym L.E.A.D., we will discuss the qualities leaders possess.

L – Long term vision… use your imagination to keep the end in mind.

L – Listen…truly hear the person before you speak.

L – Learn…something(s) everyday, leaders are readers.

E – Enthusiasm…brings up everyone around you including yourself.

E – Excellence…do your best with what you have, where you are.

E – Example…what you are speaks so load, I can’t hear what you say.

A – Attitude…is always one of gratitude, and determines your altitude in life.

A – Action...nothing happens until you take your first step in the direction of your dream

A – Awareness…of what you are consciously thinking. Positive thoughts on purpose.

D – Decide…Know what you want in life and go for it.

D – Desire…you must have a burning desire to achieve what you really, really want.

D – Discipline…you always do what you have to do towards what you want whether you feel like it or not.


Master Dan

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