Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Master’s Circle

 The master’s circle is studying, practicing and teaching. Then repeating this concept in a constant and continuous improved way.  As always it is your choice to enter the master’s circle. 

Mastery is not a peak to be reached, but a plateau to be walked.

    The true master’s do not sit on their laurels waiting for others to pay homage but continue to study, practice and teach.

    So then excellent instructors should practice the master’s circle and be the example to the students. As well, the state of “jun bi” (which means ready!) is their trademark. Sharp pressed uniforms are just the outward standard they are sharp on the inside. Patience, trust and loyalty to their seniors and students and the attitude of constant and never ending improvement reveal these individuals.

    This brings us to excellent students, who must know and enter the master’s circle. You might say if you are a new student, sure I can study and practice but teach? Well unless it’s your very first day at the dojang there will be a newer student then you that will arrive. It is all students job to make the newer student feel welcome and part of the TKD family. The excellent student is ready, mindful, (of themselves and others) and loyal to the master and their academy.

    Where does personal power come from? It comes the very moment that we make a decision with our God given free will. Life is to important to leave to chance Decide now to be the best that you can be. Right this very moment you can switch (if you haven’t already) from passivity to enter the master’s circle.
    We have to see ourselves as masters, instructors and students in our own fields of career, school, reltionships.  Study - Practice - Teach, we are not in competition with eachother we are in creation with eachother to create the community we want to live in.
Master Dan Zaleski

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