Friday, June 1, 2012

Personal Self Mastery

Personal Self Mastery

       Practising the “Kaizen” of Personal Self Mastery means that you are committed to the continuous improvement of everything you do, in all areas of your life.

     Self-discipline, then, is not an act of controlling and punishing yourself, but is motivated by self-love. When we do what we know is best for us by choice we are using the tool of self discipline (also known as personal power) to create self mastery. The acronym C.A.N.I., made famous by Tony Robbins means Constant And Never-ending Improvement.

     Every one of us has a part within us that will guide us through our inborn higher faculties of our minds to create personal self mastery and a better life for ourselves as well as those around us. In Tae Kwon-Do we quickly realize that when we start to improve in one area, (our training for example) we have to improve our water intake and nutrition and/or stop eating and drinking certain things.

     The start of self mastery in TKD begins with faith. Meaning - believe in yourself, before you see the results you want.

     As your personal power grows, you naturally take the driver’s seat to your destiny. This includes assuming complete and full responsibility for the direction your life is headed. You realize that you can create anything you want, within your circle of influence, and according to your skills, talents and competence. Some say this takes self-discipline. I like the term personal power, and the willingness to make a choice. Real power comes from listening to the stirring of your higher self. To become who we are meant to be means living in harmony with the mysterious heartbeat of life itself. Unfolding your potential can not be made to happen from the level of ego, it can only be supported by creating the right mental conditions.

     In the end, Personal Mastery is the journey of tapping your full potential as a human being – through being the leader of your life, and by co-creating with the spirit that runs through us all. Enjoy the journey!

                                                                                Master Dan Zaleski

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