Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kelowna to Host Canadian Open Championships

Saturday, April 27, 2013 Kelowna British Columbia.

     Kelowna’s own Chris Rowe owner of Quest Academy has been chosen as director of this year’s Canadian  Open TKD Championship.  This is a sanctioned Championship supported by 
TKDI Canada academies and all TKD schools across Canada are invited. This is a precursor for the "World Championships held in England, July 13-15, 2013

      TKDI members in Dallas Texas and England have both committed to send players to this 
prestigious event as international guests. Also in attendance will be one of the most senior 
Grand masters in the world C.K. Choi. He holds the rank of 9th Degree, the highest black belt 
rank possible in TKD.

      Jonathan Zaleski a former world champion in Italy. Silver medalist at the European Open Championships held in Krakow Poland this past fall will be representing Canada as the current 
Canadian heavy weight champion.   He is a Kelowna product through TKDI Canada. 

      For more information about this event, please contact Chris Rowe of Quest Martial Arts.
 Spectator Admission is $5.

About Tae Kwon Do International Canada Founded in 1995, Tae Kwon Do International Canada is the organization for professional and amateur academies across Canada.[Tae Kwon Do International Canada currently serves over 500 members. TKDI Canada is the Canadian arm of TKD International that has 65 member countries. For more information about Tae Kwon Do International Canada, visit its website at

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