Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Uncommon Success

I watched a video from one of my favorite authors and a mentor
Robin Sharma and here are some key highlights...
Know your ONE thing – Do not try and be all things to all
people…if you own your own business what is your one thing
that will be your game changer? That one thing, that will have
the greatest impact on your business. Maybe it is focussing on
your gift or talent. Know your one thing.
Three Key Habits – These are not goals, these are fundamental
changes that you NEED to make to get that uncommon success.
Those keys steps, that will be a part of your greater action plan,
things that will allow you to really get the most out of each day.
Here are some examples.
           a. Get up earlier so that you have time to read
           b. Journal Each day
           c. After work, take a few minutes before you go
                inside your house to set your mind clear on
                loving your family
           d. Training 2-3 times/week
Remember that you have to do something for 66 days before it
replaces old thinking.
Delete Energy Vampires – those people that when you are
around, they are complaining about…everything. How is your
day? And they unload all the bad things that have happened.
You tell them your dream or vision of your awesome future and
they try to sabotage it, by telling you how dumb it is, or that it is
stupid. Politely let them go, so that you can surround yourself
with people who will encourage, support, and drive you to
Invest in Personal Development – Invest in seminars, books, in
audio books, anything where you can hear or read a great
message, or meet great people. It will come back at least 30
times to you. Every time you go to an event you just have to get
one good idea, lead, or confirmation to make it worthwhile.
(Personally I have many CD's of Anthony Robins, Brian Tracey,
audio books of Les Brown, Books by Robin Sharma, Steven
Covey, Paulo Cohen that I just keep listening to, or reading) Try
to go to one seminar or event each year. (Leadership Summit –
here in Kelowna in October is a great one!)
Seek out BIG Joy- First get joyful, happy, find peace and that will
lead to success. Once you get into those states you boost your
dopamine, become more energized, and have more focus. Do
those things you want to, don't wait for that promotion, for
some future event to give yourself permission to seek out BIG
joy…Do it now Do it Right Do it All applies everywhere not just
during tasks we do not want to do.
Mr. Chris Rowe

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