Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to stay MOTIVATED

A friend of mine shared this from Facebook, and it struck home, so I had to share.  This is a young lady who is very motivated and dedicated to her craft.  She was a member of the Gold Medal winning Canadian Women’s Hockey team this year in Sochi Russia.  She is laser focused and motivated to be her best here are the tips if they work for her they can work for us.  The emphasis is mine.

Take it ONE DAY at a time - Inch by inch life is a cinch, yard by yard it’s hard.  Each day is a present to be enjoyed and lingered in.  Don't be in a rush to have it end.  Be in a rush to focus on the gift before you.

Surround yourself with POSITIVITY - You are what you continually do!  Positive people, positive books, videos, things that will help you grow and water your spirit.

CREATE a Vision Board - Our mind works better with pictures than words!  Go through your favorite websites and books cutting out images of things you wish to do, have or create!

Make S.M.A.R.T. Goals - Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Time Orientated.

REWARD Yourself - Every step forward is a step closer!  Breaking the Larger goal in to smaller more manageable bites is the best way to make your goals become your reality.  But just like reaching the goal, make sure you reward yourself that you might not normally do.

BELIEVE in Yourself - or rely on a friends belief in you until yours kicks in!

ACKNOWLEDGE Your positive attributes - You were born for greatness!  You have gifts and talents that yours to share with others.

RECOGNIZE your progress - towards a worth while goal!  To quote Anthony Robins "Every Day I am getting stronger and stronger, better and better, or smarter and smarter!"

VISUALIZE accomplishing your goals - See it as if it has happened, then make it happen!  I remember attending a conference with Les Brown, and Anthony Robins and Andy Nulman.  Andy Nulman used this skill and talked about how he visualized the result he wanted then reverse goal set to sell his company for millions of dollars!

BE KIND to yourself - RESPECT Yourself and others!  We are often our own worst critic, sometimes we have to remember to coach ourselves as we would coach others.  You would never come right out and tell someone you cared about that they are "So Stupid!"  Yet don't we say that to ourselves sometimes?  Okay I guess just me.

DON’T COMPARE yourself to others - Do YOUR best...your absolute best every day, and the results will come.  You are not in competition with others in life, you are here to be the best YOU can be...never look to someone else to see what they have, look inside yourself to see what you need!

Mr. Chris Rowe

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