Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Goal Setting 101

We all have heard about goal setting.  The martial arts
belt system is based around the SMART goal principles.  
Take a larger goal and break it into smaller bite size
pieces that offer a reward system for accomplishing
milestones.  The first step into really goal setting is to...

Know what you Want - Know exactly what you want.
Be precise.  If you are unclear on a small portion,
you maybe surprised by what comes your way.
Like a sail boat on the seas without a rudder, you will
drift around life with no clear direction.

Take Action - It’s not what you know but what you do
with what you know.  Great ideas with out action,
is dreaming.  However, sometimes the action to take
is visualizing the end result.  Work Smarter not harder.

Have Daily Habits - Inch by Inch life is a cinch,
yard by yard its hard. Consistent daily steps towards
the worthwhile goal is the easiest way to get there.

Be Willing to do what is Necessary - Sometimes
we know what we have to do, but we don’t do it.  We
make excuses why it can not be done that way, or why
we can’t do it that way.

With the Attitude of Gratitude- This is one of those
areas where we can get stuck.  Negative thinking and
doubt can come easily into our mind if we are not careful.
We can think that our goals will never happen, if we
don’t have the grateful attitude towards ALL things that
come our way.  Even the struggles and challenges.
They come to make us stronger and appreciate the goal
that much more.

Enjoy the Journey - You have heard the saying Life is
not a race but a journey.  This is one universal truth.
We can only get out what we put in, so put everything
into living each day to the fullest!  Live Full, Die Empty!
Leave nothing to chance, and give everything to every
relationship you have.  What will your legacy be?

Mr. Rowe

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