Thursday, March 26, 2009

When: Wednesday April 15th 7:05 pm
Where: Quest Martial Arts Academy 2280A Leckie Road Kelowna, B.C.
Fee: $139.95 + gst

Attack Protection Tips
The pattern of an attack followed by most human attackers is:
1. Select an easy victim. Someone who seems oblivious, fearful or unawware.
2. Create a position of advantage to gain privacy and control.
3. Dominate the victim through intimidation, physical assault, or robbery.
4. Escape so they can get away without getting caught.
The quicker we can break or inturupt this pattern the safer we will be. This program will teach us 3 boundaries.
1. Gut feeling, things don't feel right.
2. Verbal - your attacker interviews you to see if you are the victim...use your verbal skills
be polite but assertive, perceived confidence is confidence.
3. Physical - if that person continues to come towards you and you have warned them to stay
away, it is on.

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