Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Good morning everyone, I hope you have an opportunity to get outside over the next few days and enjoy the wonderful weather we are having. I had breakfast with a great group of people this morning the Okanagan Business Referral Group, excellent people with a wealth of knowledge. It really got me thinking about how well do you know your neighbour? Either that person over the hedge or the businesses around you. Invite someone to go and have a coffee or tea, and listen to his or her history, and ideas. That person might just hold the key for you to make the jump to the next level personally or professionally. 1 idea or suggestion is all that it takes for the ball to start rolling, and chances are it might be a concept that you heard before but presented in a new way.

After meeting with one of those people Philippe Daigle I was inspired to go for a run in the beautiful sunshine, 11 km later I realized that I forgot one of the most basic needs for runners. Water, which lead me to do some reading below is an excerpt from, enjoy and remember that all days are great it is only our perception that changes.

Better Hydration = Better Health
One would think that since the human body is approximately 70% water, hydration should not be such a serious problem for humans. We would all like to believe that we drink enough water to sustain our busy lifestyles. The truth of the matter is that a large portion of the population is chronically dehydrated. Dehydration is the number one cause of daytime fatigue in the United States. Being healthy is as easy as drinking water every day and never finding yourself thirsty. Your health is important to us and we are here to make a difference by offering the purest water your body thirsts for.

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