Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Local Martial Artists Kick it Up

    Approximately 170 martial artists from BC and Alberta competed at the Tae Kwon-Do International Western Canadian Championships this past weekend. Fifty competitors from Kelowna’s own Quest Martial Arts Academy took home 40 medals including Jon Zaleski who captured the Grand Championship for sparring and patterns in the Black belt Division. Mr. Zaleski and several other members of Quest Martial Arts are training hard for the World Championships to be held in 2013 in England.

    “Although most of the competitors were Tae Kwon-Do, both WTF and ITF were represented, we were honored to have Chilliwack Central Karate Club which has been traveling to competing at our Okanagan events for the past 5 years.” says Mr. Chris Rowe Chief Instructor of Quest Martial Arts. Mr. Rowe went on to say that, “Next year we are planning a Canadian Championships to be held here in Kelowna which will not only bring some great competition but also will help to continue to grow the tourism in the Okanagan Valley.”

    This sentiment was echoed by Tae Kwon-Do International Canada President Master Dan Zaleksi 8th degree Black belt who was also in attendance to cheer on the players and continues to grow and spread the true spirit of Tae Kwon-Do, along with one of the Pioneers of Tae Kwon-Do Grand Master C.K. Choi 9th degree black belt and Master Zaleksi instructor for the past 35 years. “To watch these two high ranking Master and Grand Master walk around and interact with kids and adults taking pictures and signing autographs was amazing to see. The impact these simple gestures can have on people will stay with them for years. Quest Martial Arts would also like to thank the Ron Cannan MP For Kelwona, Lake Country for supporting the event, and offering words of encouragement and support to competitors and volunteers.

For further information on this please call Chris Rowe at 250-869-0111

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