Monday, May 28, 2012

Running Tips for Safety

    While the weather is finally getting warmer, I have seen alot of people out running and walking the Mission Park Greenway here in Kelowna.  As one of those people out running, it always suprises me how unaware some people seem to be.  At Quest Martial Arts we talk about the ABC's of self defence. 

A) There are no rules - use anything you have to defend yourself, car keys, rocks sticks...the normal rules that we live by go out the window when you are dealing with your own personal saftey.  Even going as far as through a rock through a car or house window.

B) Be aware of your suroundings and people who may be around. Your intuition can save your life if we listen to it.

C) Stay in shape, most self defence situations will last for 30 sec. to 1 minute, under adrenaline stress so.  Unlike just going for a 1 minute run, it is more like running full sprint with a bear chasing you...

Here is a top 10 list of things to be aware of while you are out enjoying the sunshine and nature we are so blessed to be living in;

1) Always be aware of the trail, and things that obscure your view.  Trees, corners and blind spots can all be great hiding places for someone to jump out at you.

2) Let someone kow where you are going and when you expect to return.  Sounds simple enough but most of us over look it.  Any kind of trouble whether it comes from an injury or something worse, you have a back up plan.

3) Stay alert while running avoid wearing both earbuds while running.  While it helps to distract the mind from discomfort of running, it also stop syou from hearing if someone is coming up from behind you.

4) Ladies with long hair should avoid having it in a ponytail that is accessable for someone to grab.  Have it tucked into your swaeter or shirt if possible. 

5) Keep your cell phone with you and easily accessable at all times.  In case you begin to get the feeling that something is not right, you can quickly make a phone call. 

6) If you are approached, remain as calm as possible.  More often than not the person approaching has no intention of doing anything they may just be asking a question.  That being said always be aware of their tone, body lanuage and movements. 

7) Communicate effectively - Be assertive with your tone and body langauge but do not come across as uncaring or errogant.  If asked for change, "No I am sorry I don't but have a great day." "Back off I don't want any trouble..."  Being loud not only alerts anyone else who maybe around that there is trouble, but it will also help with controlling your emotions.

8) Keep your open hands in front of your face to avoid being sucker punched.

9) Become offensive and attack.  Knees and elbows are the best techniques, highly effective and a larger margin for error.

10) At a bare minimum you should be taking a self defence class/seminar every couple of months so that you keep the movments fresh in your mind and body. 

Happy Running!

Chris Rowe

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