Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blank Canvas

Today is the blank canvas you have been waiting for.  The clean slate, the blank page, the first snow fall the New Birth and breath of life.  What will you do with it?  How will you spend you 168 hrs/week, or 1440 minutes/day?  Will you fill them with Fears, Worries and Anxieties? Or will you allow the power that flows through you to come out so you and truly embrace the person you were created to be?  You were not created to be mediocre, but rather to be GREAT!  You were not created to accumulate stuff or things, but to impact lives and help others realize their potential. But before you can really help someone else you must first make sure you are on the path, not the right path just the path.  Because who’s to say what is right? 

But one of the biggest single lessons we will all have is that waiting for things to be perfect is allowing the idea, the goal, vision, or the dream to fade into obscurity.  Don't wait, take chances fall down, feel the bumps and bruises of learning and growing.  Get out of your comfort zone, and just make things happen. 
            Happy Goal Setting Day! 

Doug Weibe spoke at Willow Park Church this past weekend and said that he was NOT going to make Resolutions this year. I could not agree more, making a resolution is a waste of time.  There is not real energy or life breathed into a resolution…”This year I will eat better!”  What does that mean?  Look like, feel like, when do you want to do that and for how long?  Have you ever tried just changing something, maybe you were more successful than I was but it never turned out.  But once you identify that you must change and you develop your MAP (Massive Action Plan), and you get a taste of what that vision, dream, GOAL looks like and it becomes your passion.  It gives you a rush of energy, enthusiasm, and the ability to overcome so many little things that will come along to try and stop you from reaching your goals. 
           So again Happy Goal Setting Day, three main goals Health, Financial and Relationships.  Drill down and get specific who do you want a relationship with?  Start with you, get to know yourself and do not be afraid to sit in silence and just listen. Something will speak or flash words pictures or memories in your mind.  I call it God you can call it whatever you want, but that voice will let you know what to do in so many situations.  We just have to listen, and if it aligns with our core values then it is a great thing for you to do.
          So what are you core values?  That is another topic for another New Day.

Happy New Year, may your Year be filled with Blessings of abundance and joy, May you be fill Blessed with everything you need in life, the eyes to see the things around you, and the mind to understand the importance of those events, whether they be seen as Good or Bad.

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