Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Taking Charge of Your Life

How do we get ourselves motivated after an unexpected challenge has suddenly entered and disrupted our life? It could be an injury while training, or to a loved one, or someone close to you passes away. It just seems unfair and it takes our energy away and knocks us off our path.
Realize positive thinking alone is not enough to get you back and turn your life around. Here are some strategies for changing your thoughts to use every single day.
First thing first… believe that it is possible to change. The saying the past does not equal the future is true. When you get sick and tired of being sick and tired, have faith, and that just means to believe it, before you see it!
Next realize that no problem, no matter how big it seems at this moment is permanent for you. “This too shall pass”. Start with small actions. Use continuous positive daily habits towards what you want. While you keep self control of your mind and off of negative thoughts.
Realize that everyone has problems, challenges and losses in their lives. Your job is to know that it’s not the problem that’s the problem, but what you do with the problem that’s the problem. Know that what ever you have tried and did not succeed at does not mean that you give up. You must use persistence and faith to enjoy the journey.
Which brings me to the next topic; there are no mistakes only lessons. It’s easy to say “ I've tried that and it doesn't work” Success in your life is the result of good judgement  Good judgement is the result of experience. Experience is often the result of bad judgement.
So what ever it is that you want, from feeling better to feeling great. Getting to your next level in Tae Kwon-Do. Realize we learn something every time from our mistakes. (Sometimes called action signals, which just tells us to try a different way)
To really empower ourselves we must realize that questions are the answer. What you ask yourself does change your life. Understanding to look for the good within every challenge we have will sooner then later teach us that there is a positive or greater advantage with every challenge you are given on this journey. Here are samples of questions that change your state to be more positive and abundant. Ask yourself:
What am I grateful for in my life? Do I live in a free country? Who loves me and who do I love? Who are my true friends? Finally no matter what you’re facing ask: What’s good about this? Or what could be good about this?
Mr. Chris Rowe
This academy is a proud member of Tae Kwon-Do International Canada©

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