Saturday, April 6, 2013

Your RPM for your goals!,

I am currently in a hotel in Lethbridge Alberta it is 33:35 am Kelowna time and I was woken up by thoughts. As I drove here yesterday a nice drive broken up by a 45 min delay for avalanch control, i got some news that was not the best. I teach my students that when things get tough to get around positive people. I had two travelling with me, one was asleep, and the other focused on a movie. So I turned to two great friends that are always there for me, Jesus and Tony Robins.

I usually have Tony Robins cds in my car at all times but especially on a long is NET time, meaning No Extra Time, I am driving anyway so I might as well learn while doing it. Tony, was talking about many things but one that stuck was RPM. Convenient since I was driving but also since I was spoke about goals and goal setting at a seminar the night before.

RPM stands for Rapid Planning Method, but Tony has created another name as well,
R- Results, what do you want...what do you really want. You have to get specific. The more detailed the better. I often say create the picture in your mind in High Def, with the addition of smellavision. Everything you can script in to the goal from who is there to what the smells like when you achieve the goal. The more detailed the more your mind believes it to be true, like the movie the Matrix.

P- Purpose, why do you want the goal? If your goal is to loose 10 lbs why? Do you want to earn $100000 a year why? Tony goes on to talk about the 6 basic human needs, they are listed here;

1 -Certainty/Comfort. We all want comfort. And much of this comfort comes from certainty. Of course there is no ABSOLUTE certainty, but we want certainty the car will start, the water will flow from the tap when we turn it on and the currency we use will hold its value.

2- Variety. At the same time we want certainty, we also crave variety. Paradoxically, there needs to be enough UNcertainty to provide spice and adventure in our lives.

3-Significance. Deep down, we all want to be important. We want our life to have meaning and significance. I can imagine no worse a death than to think my life didn't matter.

4-Connection/Love. It would be hard to argue against the need for love. We want to feel part of a community. We want to be cared for and cared about.

5-Growth. There could be some people who say they don't want to grow, but I think they're simply fearful of doing so—or perhaps NOT doing so. To become better, to improve our skills, to stretch and excel may be more evident in some than others, but it's there.

6-Contribution. The desire to contribute something of value—to help others, to make the world a better place than we found it is in all of us.
More information about his books and seminars is available on his website :

Through these 6 basic needs we derive our purpose for wanting what we want. And it is the purpose that will help you to create a;

M- MAP (Massive Action Plan) of what you need to do to accomplish the goal but also the desire to overcome the destractions, the stories you will tell yourself to avoid getting started. The map needs to detailed ideas of how you are going to accomplish the goal...want to lose 10 lbs, I will run 5 times a week. The map also includes contingency plans incase plan A is not working or can not work...bad back, knee, hip, ankle...not able to run, I will swim. No pool I will walk, use the elliptical machine whatever...have some alternatives and take action.

There is a school of thought that is just thinking about what I want will bring it to me. I believe that is true 100% of the time. What the visualizing and meditating will do is bring people into your life that can help, guide even mentor you to reaching the goal. Being physically fit, earn your black belt, or running a marathon, getting the promotion at work. No amount of you thinking about it will bring you closer to those things. Some people are very in tune and can attract things into their lives. That is a gift I have yet to receive from God.

Happy Goal setting, have a great weekend.

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