Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Balancing Your Life

How can an out-of-balance view of life cause you
 to miss out on much of what life has to offer?

A young boy was walking through the park.  As he looked down he saw a penny shining up at him out of the grass.  He picked it up and was so excited and pleased with his find that every time he went out he would always look for money on the ground.

Over the years by keeping his eyes on the ground he found many pennies, nickels, quarters, and even a couple dollar bills.  The total he found over his life was $20.86.

Looking at the ground to find the money hadn't cost him anything, so he thought.  But in reality the true cost of this unbalanced way of looking at life had cost him plenty.  It cost him about 30,000 sunsets and 500 rainbows.  It cost him watching his children on the playground and other places as they grew up.  It cost him noticing the birds in the trees, the sun in the sky, and all kinds of beautiful things.  All because his look at life was so unfocused.

If we live our lives out of balance we can become like the little boy.  We will have a view of the world that misses the full panorama that the world offers us.  Balance your life. 
 Don't settle for the change on the ground.

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