Thursday, March 13, 2014

Being pulled in different directions?

Many people think of life's balance as a marble at the bottom of a bowl.  Actually, this is static equilibrium with no pressure being exerted on the marble from any direction.  The marble just sits there.

When you turn the bowl over and put the marble at the very top of the bowl, that's balance.  The marble could fall in any direction and any movement could cause the marble to fall.  That's a good picture of what balance is in your life.   Balance means balancing the tensions that come from the various areas of our life.

Everyone has tension in life:  What bills should I pay this week?  Should I spend the evening with the family or work on this report?  What am I going to do this weekend, go to the beach or to the office?

In order to handle this tension in your life you need to realize that it is a constant in life.  Your life is going to be pulled in different directions and your job is to try to keep them in balance.  Just as you would shift the bowl to keep the marble from falling off one side or the other, you need to shift your focus from one area to another to keep your life in balance.

The four areas to keep in balance in your life are social, physical, mental, and spiritual.  Physical needs are health and economic needs.  Social needs are relationships.  Mental needs are the stimulus to grow and prosper in your life.  Spiritual needs are those needs that every human being has to know themselves and where they come from.

Like the marble how will you stay balanced with tension?
What areas of your life do you feel you need to work
on to stay in balance?

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