Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Facing the FEAR of Martial Arts

Many professionals who think about doing self-defense classes or taking martial arts classes don’t for many reasons.  First and foremost there is the thought that they don’t have time.  Our focus is often on our kids and their activities.  Business owners don’t think anything will happen to them, or that they could get out of the situation without having to come to physical defense.  Or maybe they are afraid to look foolish…do you know anyone that fits any of those descriptions?  Anyone you may know intimately? 

Be honest and get out of BED (Blame, Excuse, Denial) and begin to debunk the excuses you are making for yourself.

There are 168 hours in the week I ask that you take 2 hours/week to get involved in something that, from my personal experience, will change your life if you let it.  With 25-40 hours/week for sleep you still have 128 hours, or more, to get out and learn martial arts.  How much TV do you watch?  What if you got up just 30 minutes earlier each morning that would give you 3.5 hours more each week, you have lots of time.

Taking martial arts or self-defense classes will give you confidence to deal with certain situations.  If your profession is running a small business or a realtor whose job it is to meet people you have never met before in sometimes an unfamiliar place, you need to be prepared for many different situations.  The chances are small that anything will happen, but like most types of insurance you are glad you have it if you need it.

The defensive situations do not even have to involve physical defense from an unknown assailant.  The skills you learn to de-escalate a situation may help with dealing with confrontation in the work place.  It may allow you to understand how you deal with external stress and the over whelming adrenal response that happens.  When you have to deal with the overbearing personality in the office or you are trying to communicate clearly and effectively while maintaining every ones dignity, the skills taught in most martial arts schools will help you in everyday life.

For some it may have been years since you felt unsure of what you were doing in your day.  So beginning something that you have never done or becoming the student again can be energizing and scary at the same time.  I know first had that as a 4th Degree black belt it was an amazing feeling to put on a white belt as I started to learn another style of martial art.  Step into the unknown by choice, and continue your learning, not just of an art but also of yourself.  What you are truly capable of.   

FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real, and it is a story that our mind makes up to prevent us from reach our true potential.  Start writing a new chapter where you become a Black belt!  If you have obtained that rank in a martial art then get back in and continue the journey.  

Mr. Chris Rowe

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