Monday, March 31, 2014

Motivational Questisms

Motivational Questisms
  As we work towards our goals, we often are hit with stumbling blocks whether it be our training levelled off and we no longer see the same gains, or we have run into some energy vampires and let them get to us.  Here are my top 4 Questisms, things that I have said to help myself overcome some sort of challenge in my life. When challenged with a situation that threatens to hold you back, say one of these that apply, and feel the energy surge! Whenever possible say them out loud and with authority as if you are demanding that it happen.  When you say things out loud you activate more than one sense that helps to energize your body, mind and spirit!

  Coach Flower – “Who am I?  I am a Champion!” Regardless of your station whether you compete in tournaments or in life you are a Champion!  You are not here on Earth to be mediocre, or to “just get by” You are here to flourish and be abundant!  Instead of asking “What do you want?” ask “What do I expect!”

  Master Zaleski – “Do it Now Do it Right Do it All!” Procrastination is the assassination of Motivation.  We all have things we do not want to do…Use this long standing Questism to keep you motivated to be disciplined doing what you HAVE to so you can do what you WANT to!

  Les Brown – “If you can look up you can get up!”  You will fall down during training for your black belt, and at other times as well.  It is not the fact that you fell down, but what you did when it happened!  If you can look up you can get up…it won't always be easy but it will always be possible!

  Grand Master C.K. Choi – “A warrior is always ready!”  For whatever maybe asked…Think about the belt testing, blue belts should know all the things from previous belts so that if asked you can demonstrate them for a junior.  If asked to perform your pattern you should be able to do so to the best of your ability!

Not only do these quotes apply to our martial arts training, but to any area of life.  You do not need to be a Champion Tae Kwon-Do player to be a Champion in other areas, and by “Warrior” I am referring to the fact that we are all still in a battle against negative thinking every day.  Sometimes from within!  Stay Positive and use these tools everyday!      

Mr. Chris Rowe

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Being pulled in different directions?

Many people think of life's balance as a marble at the bottom of a bowl.  Actually, this is static equilibrium with no pressure being exerted on the marble from any direction.  The marble just sits there.

When you turn the bowl over and put the marble at the very top of the bowl, that's balance.  The marble could fall in any direction and any movement could cause the marble to fall.  That's a good picture of what balance is in your life.   Balance means balancing the tensions that come from the various areas of our life.

Everyone has tension in life:  What bills should I pay this week?  Should I spend the evening with the family or work on this report?  What am I going to do this weekend, go to the beach or to the office?

In order to handle this tension in your life you need to realize that it is a constant in life.  Your life is going to be pulled in different directions and your job is to try to keep them in balance.  Just as you would shift the bowl to keep the marble from falling off one side or the other, you need to shift your focus from one area to another to keep your life in balance.

The four areas to keep in balance in your life are social, physical, mental, and spiritual.  Physical needs are health and economic needs.  Social needs are relationships.  Mental needs are the stimulus to grow and prosper in your life.  Spiritual needs are those needs that every human being has to know themselves and where they come from.

Like the marble how will you stay balanced with tension?
What areas of your life do you feel you need to work
on to stay in balance?

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Balancing Your Life

How can an out-of-balance view of life cause you
 to miss out on much of what life has to offer?

A young boy was walking through the park.  As he looked down he saw a penny shining up at him out of the grass.  He picked it up and was so excited and pleased with his find that every time he went out he would always look for money on the ground.

Over the years by keeping his eyes on the ground he found many pennies, nickels, quarters, and even a couple dollar bills.  The total he found over his life was $20.86.

Looking at the ground to find the money hadn't cost him anything, so he thought.  But in reality the true cost of this unbalanced way of looking at life had cost him plenty.  It cost him about 30,000 sunsets and 500 rainbows.  It cost him watching his children on the playground and other places as they grew up.  It cost him noticing the birds in the trees, the sun in the sky, and all kinds of beautiful things.  All because his look at life was so unfocused.

If we live our lives out of balance we can become like the little boy.  We will have a view of the world that misses the full panorama that the world offers us.  Balance your life. 
 Don't settle for the change on the ground.