Monday, October 15, 2012

2012 Trail Championships

      This past weekend Quest Martial Arts took a group of players down to Trail BC for the 2nd Annual Trail Championships hosted by Trail Martial Arts and sanctioned by TKDI Canada.  In Attendance was Master Dan Zaleski 8th Dan Black Belt and President of TKDI Canada, along with schools from Camrose, Calgary, Cranbrook, Chilliwack, Kamloops and of course Kelowna.

      It is a great tournament that allows players and parents to learn about tournaments without being over whelming.  These types of tournaments are always fun and very safe for the players.  It featured, Individual Sparring, Patterns, Team Sparring and the Flying Side Kick.

    Quest Martial Arts was represented by a strong group of 17 players many of whom were double medal winners, and in the case of Aaron Graham a triple medal winner finishing tied for first in the Flying Side kick. Also Carson Benedict won 4 Gold Medals, in Colour belt patterns, Sparring, Team Sparring as well as Black belt light weight sparring although he is not yet ranked a black belt.  Carson is one of 2 competitors from this weekend who will be travelling to Cracow Poland to compete in the Taekwondo International European Championships on October 26th.  The other being Jon Zaleksi who won gold in Black Belt patterns and Heavywieght Sparring as well as silver for Team Sparring.  Mr. Zaleski is looking forward to having another shot at Steve Miller from the USA in Cracow.  Mr Miller holds two victories over Mr. Zaleksi in the past 2 meetings.

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