Monday, October 29, 2012

Knowledge in my Mind

At  Quest Martial Arts November first marks the beginning of the last full six week training cycle until after the Christmas break. This month, we as instructors want to make sure that you understand these four important lessons so that you are finishing strong rather than looking to coast into the finish line. Start by using this lesson first:

Six by six goal setting – This is adapted from Bill Hybels a Senior Pastor of Willow Creek, who runs a Leadership Summit every year.  This is picking six small goals that you will achieve in six weeks or sooner. They have got to be SMART, specific, measurable, achievable, realistic for you and time oriented. Could you lose 5 -10 unwanted pounds by Christmas? What about measuring your centre split and improving by an inch or two. Just 6 small improvements will be the best gifts you can give your self. The confidence this will give you will start your 2013 training with a roar.

Eat the frog – Do the thing that feels the worst for you to do first. This means if you ate a giant frog first thing in the morning everything else would be easy. What’s the first thing you need to get done?

Know these numbers – 168, 24, and 1440. They stand for 168 hours in a week.  24 hours in a day and one thousand four hundred and forty minutes in each day they are for you to use as you please. But once they are gone, they are gone forever. We ask our students for 2 hours a week out of the 168 to work on themselves.  The saying Do it now, do it right and do it all, applies here!

We can only take our memories – No amount of material wealth can buy an extension on life. No matter the amount of money in the bank on the day you pass to whatever you believe is next; you’ll be leaving it all. In this respect the passing of a king or an animal is the same. Live life for this day, treat every person you meet with the respect that they deserve. You will be creating great memories which are the real treasure you will have for the rest of your life.

Chris Rowe

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